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February 5, 2008 California Republican Presidential Primary


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election. Likewise, some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.

The Republican Presidential candidates still in the race at this time include John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul. Rudy Giuliani, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, Alan Keyes, and Fred Thompson have withdrawn from the race, but will still appear on ballots. John Cox also appearing on ballots is not running in most States. To better compare the views of only the candidates who are still in the race, use the "National Democratic Pres. Primary Ballot" or "National Republican Pres. Primary Ballot" links in the navigation bar above.

US President (California Primary) Republican Party
Compare the candidates
John McCain - R
Mitt Romney - R
Mike Huckabee - R
Ron Paul - R
Rudy Giuliani - R
Duncan L. Hunter - R
Tom Tancredo - R
Sam Brownback - R
Alan Keyes - IA
Fred Thompson - R
John Cox - R
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