Duncan L. Hunter – Biographical Profile and Positions on the Issues

Previous Candidate for United States Representative District 50, California

National Republican Party
PO Box 1545El Cajon, CA 92022
(619) 463-3896
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General (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)
Personal (gender, age, marital status, spouse's name and age, children's name and ages, home town, current residence)
Profession (professional and work experience outside politics)
Political (dates and titles of previously held political offices)
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Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public Office
Immigration, a General Statement
Illegal Immigration Amnesty
Border Security
Securing Our Borders
Employers Who Hire Illegals
Immigrant Birthright Citizenship
North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
North American Union
Gay, Lesbian & LGBT
Gay Marriage
Federal Constitutional Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment
Abortion, Pro-Life, Stem Cell & Cloning
Abortion, a General Statement
Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
Stem Cell Research, a General Statement
Parental Notification
Right to Life Constitutional Amendment
Using Embryos in Stem Cell Research
Cloning, a General Statement
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
China, a General Statement
United Nations (UN)
US Treaties
Middle East
Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iraq
Taliban & Radical Islamic Jihadists
Iraq Policy
Military & Defense
Gays in the Military
Military Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC Commission)
Right to Own Guns - Second Amendment
Tax Code
Tax Reform
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
Taxes Policy
Marriage Penalty
Private School Vouchers
Federal Mandates
School Choice
Home Schooling
Internet, Media & Communications
Internet Gambling
Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy
Federal Budget & Debt
Medical Insurance
Health Insurance, a General Statement
Free Market Health Care
Market-Based Medical Insurance
Hate Crime
Crimes Against Children
Courts, Laws & Justice
Property Rights and Eminent Domain
Obscenity Laws
Judicial Appointments
Health & Medical
Health & Medical Care, a General Statement
Improving Health & Medical Care
Medical Research
Values, Religion & Family
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
Religion & State - First Amendment
Indecency in the Media
Poverty & Welfare
Poverty, a General Statement
Alcohol, Cigarettes & Gambling
Gambling, a General Statement
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